Syncope presents a proportion of up to 25% among children and adolescents and accounts for 0.9% of emergency room visits. Its most frequent aetiology is neurally mediated syncope, which includes vasovagal syncope and orthostatic hypotension. Up to 70% of the paediatric population with reflex syncope is female. There are usually precipitating factors and prodromes. This mini-review will discuss the particularities of the clinical presentation, diagnosis, modified Calgary score, indications and accuracy of the head-up tilt test, classification, and pathophysiology in four sequential phases. Prognostic data and the non-pharmacological and pharmacological approaches will also be reviewed and differences regarding reflex syncope in adults will be discussed.

Keywords: Neurally mediated syncope, Paediatric syncope, Vasovagal, Calgary score, Head-up tilt test, Adolescents.
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