Structural Causes of Right Bundle Branch Block—Time for a Closer Look?

James Ker, * Open Modal Authors Info & Affiliations
The Open Cardiovascular Medicine Journal 9 Mar 2010 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874192401004010105


Right bundle branch block is an electrocardiographic phenomenon with specific criteria.

Currently, two specific forms of right bundle branch block are acknowledged, a proximal and a distal variant. A vast array of pathologies can cause proximal, distal or even combined forms of right bundle branch block.

In this study it is suggested that a third type of right bundle branch block exist: one caused by a subaortic muscular tendon in the left ventricle, leading to an increased velocity of conduction in the left ventricle, with a resultant “relative” right bundle branch block. It is concluded that it is necessary (and time) to take a closer look at endoventricular structures in the assessment of structural causes of right bundle branch block.

Keywords: Right bundle branch block, subaortic, tendon, structural..
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