Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity among Tabuk Citizens in Saudi Arabia

Jeneth Gutierrez1, Aladeen Alloubani2, *, Mohammad Mari1, Mohammad Alzaatreh3
1 Nursing Department, University of Tabuk, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
2 Nursing Research Unit, King Hussein Cancer Center, Amman, Jordan
3 School of Nursing, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan

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Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is considered as the main cause of death worldwide. Identifying the links among CVDs risk factors can help decrease CVD-related deaths.


To assess the prevalence of risk factors for CVD and their relationships among the Tabuk City population in Saudi Arabia.


A cross-sectional design was used; 432 participants in the Tabuk region were included in this study.


The prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM) was 5.6%, the prevalence of hypertension (HTN) was 11.1% and obesity and overweight together were 69.9%. Mean Body Mass Index (BMI), HTN, and DM increased with age. There was a correlation between BMI with HTN (r=.200, p<.001), BMI and DM (r=.149, p<.001) and DM and HTN (r=.366, p<.001).


Public awareness may help in reducing the prevalence of CVD.

Keywords: Cardiovascular disease, Risk factors, Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, Obesity, Body mass index.